The introduction to Tales of the Don (1926),
Sholokhov's first collection of stories,
Aleksandr Serafimovich
from 107 Years of Sholokhov, a celebration in honor of
M.A. Sholokhov's 100th Birthday, 24 May 2005.

A. Serafimovich

Comrade Sholokhov's stories stand out like a steppeland flower, like a dash of living color. Simple, vivid, and you feel what happens; it's there before your very eyes. Imaginative language, the colorful language that the Cossacks speak. Terse and the terseness is full of life, tension and truth.

A sense of proportion at moments of climax, and for this reason they strike home. A subtle, perceptive eye. The ability to select from a multitude of features the most essential and characteristic.

All the signs indicate that Comrade Sholokhov is developing into a valuable writer--but he must learn, must work on every piece, and not hurry.


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